Saturday, November 27, 2010

When I Am Gone…

We all know, death is the ultimate reality of life and we all have to die one day. Its quite an obvious thing that as we grow older we start hugging this reality more and not only this, we keep talking about it too. That’s not an obvious thing that my parents will die before me. Ofcourse, I can die before them, but they just won’t stop talking about it.

When I think about my funeral, the only thing I see is; everybody crying around me, I feel that those who never talked to me or never loved me will start missing me the day I die. Everybody will say ‘wahh.. Kiaaa bandi thi’. They all will praise me… they will understand me; will get what I always wanted to do and what was in my mind. For no good reason I presume that my enemies will cry on my death too. I only think about the good things about it.

With no offense I think, to some extent, same is what all the elderly people think when they talk about death and all. When parents talk about their death to kids, they think that their kids will realize how much they loved their kids. They want their children to realize what efforts they put in to make them what they are. Same is the case with other older people. They think the world will recognize them, if not the world, atleast their near and dear ones will know who they actually were.

If we think of it, it’s right too. If somebody dies, we only mention the positive things standing there. Nobody brings up how bad the person was. But the fact is, nobody is remembered after that. Everybody moves on. They do miss the people who go away, but that’s just temporary. I remember that I cried a lot on my grandparents’ death. I missed them too. But the truth is that was just for some time. When we get back to work, that ‘missing’ part fades away. And we all move on.

It gets really disturbing when you are reminded of it again and again that somebody near and dear to you is about to die. Everything is close to death to some elderly people. If somebody in the family dies of anything, they start thinking about it, that person had this I may have it too. If they get a cough they take it to lung failure, or if some part of their body aches, they become serious patients of something BIG. If the left side of their chest aches, it HAS to be a heart attack. Gets to be the gastric problem after a detailed checkup

They all go away and we miss them for some time, but the good things they did are always mentioned. So, the question is, isn’t it better that instead of talking about death non-stop, when we get older, we stop it and live our life fully? Doing good to others, so that they remember you. I don’t demand that everybody should stop thinking about the fact that we all will die; I just say that, just stop talking about it or maybe stop waiting for it. It will come one day and we all will die, no matter young or old. Just live your life, do whatever you can, contribute to the betterment of the world, society and the family. Stop thinking about ‘what will happen when I am gone?’..we all will die and this world will be what it was before our birth, with some obvious changes ofcourse.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Excuse Me Teacher! Do you deserve to be one?

My mind and ears refuse to believe it when my parents tell me how their teachers helped them be what they are today. That’s quite a weird statement coming from a teachers’ kid but, honestly, I haven’t ever met a teacher who had a potential to do it. Many of the people I know choose to become teachers not because they want to be, they do it because they are mostly left with nothing else to do.

Maybe I am writing this post because I never was the favorite student of my teachers. And the truth is I always was a pathetic student. Hardly used to pass my exams, no homework, never concentrated on what teachers used to say, the only thing I used to do in school was talking and was the naughtiest girl of the class in my school. The parents-teacher meeting used to be a total embarrassment for my parents. The only good thing I remember teachers used to say to my parents was ‘she has the potential to do it but she doesn’t do it’ or ‘she is one of the most intelligent girls of the class’. So, now if I come to think of it, my teachers knew me but they still didn’t know how to handle me. I always used to wonder why am I not the favorite one. The girl who scores the highest is the teachers’ favorite, is it because she scores this much or she scores this much as a reward of being the favorite?

The questions that popup in my mind: Aren’t the teachers supposed to treat all of them equally? Should they really make one or two students their favorites? Why aren’t they all equal? Don’t the weak ones need more attention than the ones who top the class already? Can't a little more attention towards the weak ones make them better? Doesn’t their behavior affect the kids? Isn’t it the teachers who are supposed to make out of kids whatever they want?

I have this firm belief that a teacher can either make or break a kid. Unfortunately, I didn’t ever get to meet the making ones. Not talking about my personal experience only, but generally, I see a lot of teachers around me who make me wonder. Teachers mostly these days are the ones who are not really passionate about teaching, they go for it either because they are undereducated, in the sense that they don’t have any professional degree, or are the ones who are left with nothing else to do, like many girls these days do it after their high school or graduation when they get no other job. Even I tried to try my hands on it, not so seriously though, still guilty about it.

So, at the end, a request to all the teachers (especially the ones who teach primary and early secondary)…PLEASE. Stop BREAKING the kids now if you cant make them. They are always left with a negative impact. You are the ones who are supposed to give them confidence, compliment them and most of all MAKE them what they are born to be. Stop ruining them, if you have any problems and regrets in your life, strictly don’t affect the little minds with the venom in you. The future is in your hands; don’t spoil it.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Let us all close our eyes for one good minute and think about the places wherever we are in PAKISTAN without all this corruption, security risks, bad leaders, pollution, and electricity water gas issues. Think about your place without all these problems. Just give it a thought you at your own city, village, town etc. without all the problems you are facing rite now.are'nt you at the best place you could be.Is'nt it like heaven on earth? I am sure it is. It sure is.

Now when we say 'Wake Up PAKISTAN' we don’t really mean that we all people in PAKISTAN have to wake up early in the morning. It means we have to wake up like once we did against our enemies. Like Allama Iqbal wanted us to wake up and realize what we are doing and where we are going. Wake up means we have to bring PAKISTAN to the position Quaid e Azam wanted it to be. We have to love our country and own it. We all know that there are problems in every country. We too do have issues. We have a lot of problems that we have to solve. The youth of PAKISTAN has to solve them all. As above mentioned there are plenty of problems in PAKISTAN. We all know there are. But let it be known too that we are the only ones who can solve them all. We can't really sit and wait for the foreign powers to come and solve our problems. Its WE who have to do that. It’s been quite a long time that we have been waiting for some foreign help. But trust me we are the ones who can fix these things up. Our country MASHALLAH is blessed with unlimited natural resources. People of our country are no less talented than other country’s people. We have got it all except for the efforts we need.

It is very commonly said that what if one person stands up n starts doing what is required. All other millions of people are not doing what is required. If this is what you think than I am sorry to say you are wrong. We all want our country to flourish. We all want to do well for our country but we always think what can one person do. Trust me people. One person can do a lot. Allama Iqbal and Quaid e Azam and other great personalities were also one when they started. It’s just about a simple thought. Its ready to rain. We just need the first drop. And I am sure its YOU.

If you think it’s a corrupt society. You end it up. You be the first one to kill the corruption. You think there are no rules and regulations in the country I tell you there are. It’s just that we need to follow them. Let it be you to be the first one to start following them. If u think there is pollution. Let it be you to be the first one to end it. And most of all. If you think there are bad leaders in PAKISTAN. Let it be you to remove them. Vote for the good ones. Or if you think there’s nobody good in there. Let it be you. You step up and be the one. Start with the real work. Not just promises. People will follow you and then you will be the one who will change the country.

Its time that we stand up like one nation join hands and work hard for the betterment of the country. Running away and taking some temporary refuge in some other country will not help. Its time that we all come together as one and fight all the problems we are facing and we have to end them all. End up the differences between Punjabis, Sindhi, pathans and balochis.we all have to be one and work for the country. We have to make it the real PAKISTAN (the pure land) what Allama Iqbal dreamt of n what Quaid e Azam struggled for. Its time that we all wake up. Wakeup for a better present n the best future. Wake Up PAKISTAN!