Saturday, February 5, 2011

Enhance Creativity in Kids

The era we are living in is the era of competition. We all are striving hard to win, win some race that even we can’t figure out. If we think of it things always were like this. Humans are always after one another. We don’t really know why we want to win from our colleague, neighbor or a close relative; but we want to. We want to move ahead, reach to that level where nobody ever did. Children these days are under more pressure when compared to the people before. What parents couldn't achieve, they want their kids to accomplish. In this race for the fittest we never want our kids to waste their time to explore themselves.

Be it painting, drawing, sketching, composing beautiful musical notes, writing a soul touching poem or a prose; there is no living person who doesn't have the sense to create. It’s just that some talents need to be groomed and discovered and some ooze out of you automatically. Every baby is born with a talent. As he grows up, we try harder to crush that talent and force him to be what we want him to be. To be very honest, none of us wants our kids to excel in any field related to art. We always want them to grow up to be a doctor or an engineer or an accountant.

Art is a definite form of expression. Anger, happiness, excitement, disappointment, rejection and what not; they all can be expressed by any form of art. Children face all these at some time or the other when they are introduced to the real world. They get a better way to let out these negative and positive emotions once they know how to do it the creative way. Creativity always helps to keep the mental and at times physical health at a balance. It is medically proved that the kids who are appreciated to create things, no matter how ridiculous, grow up to be more intelligent. Their vision gets broader. They see and achieve what others can’t. They grow up to own a more balanced personality.

Every kid is born with a different temperament. Some kids are hyper active others cool and calm, there are many who are aggressive, some like expressing their feelings other like keeping all it to themselves. We need to figure out how we can make use of their positive and negative energies. Most of them can be helped out through art. Discover what your kid is good at. Encourage him to do what he likes doing. If he wants to take it to the professional level, let him. Getting into the fields like these is tougher when compared to gaining a degree in medicine or accounts, we understand, but not impossible. Don’t be afraid that your kid will lose. Give him all the confidence. If a kid has a passion to do it, he will strive hard to achieve it.