Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Childhood Memories..

For no good reason I feel like writing this aww-ly innocent poem which we used to sing/hear back when we were little kids. Our naani (grandmom) used to sing alot of these poems to us..OLD GOOD DAYS... Some parts of the poem came back to my mind some days back when my sister was singing it to my niece. Got the full poem when i googled it. Its the story of an inquisitve kid who asks alot of questions that pop up in his mind and gets no answers from anywhere. Thought about translating it into english here but wont make much sense so here it is in roman urdu...

"Yeh baat samajh me aai nahi aur ammi ne samjhaai nahi...
mein kese meethi baat karru jabb me ne mithaai khaai nahi??
Aapi bhi pakati hein halwa, wo aakhir kyu halwaai nahi?
Bhayya ki mangni ho gai kal, kyu kal he dulhan mangwaai nahi?
Yeh baat samajh me aai nahi, aur ammi ne samjhai nahi...
Naani k miyaaan jab naana hein, daadi k miyaaan jab daada hein
Tabb aapi se mein ne poocha, baaji k miyaaan kia 'baaja' hein?
Woh hans hans kr youn kehney lageen, Aey bhai! nahi yeh baat nahi
Yeh baat samajh me aai nahi, aur ammi ne samjhai nahi...
Jab naya maheena aata hai, Bijli ka bill aa jata hai
Halaankey baadal bechara ye bijli muft banaata hai
Phir hum ne apnay ghar bijli, kyu baadal se lagwai nahi?
Yeh baat samajh me aai nahi, aur ammi ne samjhai nahi...
Garr billi shair ki khaala hai, phir hum ne usey kyu paala hai?
Kiya shair bohat nalaiq hai, khala ko maar nikala hai?
Ya jungle k raja k yaha, kiya milti doodh milai nahi?
Yeh baat samajh me aai nahi, aur ammi ne samjhai nahi...
Kiyoon lambey baal hein bhaaloo k, kiyoon uski tind karaai nahi?
Kia woh bhi ganda bacha hai, ya usk baap aur bhai nahi?
Yeh uska hairstyle hai, ya jungle me koi naai nahi?
Yeh baat samajh me aai nahi, aur ammi ne samjhai nahi...
Jo taarey jagmag krtey hn, kia unki chaachi taai nahi?
Ho ga rishta koi sooraj se? yeh baat humein batlaai nahi!
Per chanda kesa maamoo hai, jab ammi ka wo bhai nahi?
Yeh baat samajh me aai nahi, aur ammi ne samjhai nahi...
mein kese meethi baat karru jab me ne mithai khai nahi?"

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Be Careful When Making A Candle..

While making a candle keep some things in mind as it can be dangerous if you are a little careless in handling it. Keep in mind the following things when making a candle or do the following in case something bad happens.
P.S. some of them i knew already and others i googled!

Always keep a bucket full of cold water near you. In case you drop the hot wax on your skin, immediately put that effected area into the water until the candle wax has cooled completely.

Be careful while handling the hot wax as it is extremely hot. In case it drops, accidently, immediately put cold water on you or the place so that it cools down and is no more in molten form.
Keep children and pets away from the workplace area.

In case the wax catches fire do not try putting it off with water. either use the fire extinguisher or cover the wax immediately.

Do NOT use any other material other than STEEL in which you melt the wax or cool it down.

DO not try breaking the wax with hand, or banging it against some hard surface, if you need a small piece of wax. Just heat your knife and then try cutting it. It will melt down and get cut easily.

If your wax gets spilled over your stove or any surface, do not try washing it and removing it as it gets harder when touches water. Heat a knife and remove the wax with it.

If you need to clean your plates/pots used in candle making, do not wash them. Heat the plates/pots and wipe them with a cloth.

Do not mix the wax colours directly, Mix them in oil first and then in the wax.

In case of gel wax, cut or break the gel wax into small pieces and then melt it or you will see bubbles in ur candles. It wont be smooth.

Wax may catch fire at high temperature so keep it at medium low temperature.

If you have some wax leftover after making a candle, cover it with wax paper and let it cool, you can use it later too.

Oil your moulds and plates well before you put the wax in them so that its easy to remove the candles later.

Do not pour wax down the drain as it gets hard immediately as it cools down and it will definitely clog your drain.

Spreading an aluminium foil over your work area can be a good idea. You can always take off the dropped wax from it and reuse it.

If you have long hair tie it back because hair can catch fire quite easily from the wax. It will also avoid your hair dropping in the wax. Hair in candles wont look nice ofcourse.

AND the LAST and THE MOST IMPORTANT ONE...keep your cockroaches away from your gel wax candles as I find a lot of burnt cockroaches lying dead in my gel wax candles.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Making A 'Chunks Candle'!!

Come people, let me tell you how we make a 'chunks candle'!
To make a candle we need:

Candle Thread (wick)
Wax colours
Steel Plates
Tins (empty food tins)


Heat the wax well in a steel tin until it gets melted and changes into liquid.
Oil the steel plates.
Mix the wax colours (the ones you want your chunks to be in) in oil and mix it to the molten wax.stir well till u get the desired colour.
Pour the coloured wax into the oiled plates.
Wait for the coloured wax to get hard and then cut the hard colored wax wih a cutter in any shape you want.
Oil the candle mould.
Pass the candle thread through the hole of the mould and cover it with clay to fill in the gap, if any.
Turn the mould upside down and fill the mould with the coloured chunks.
Pour the plain white wax into the mould.
Wait for it to get hard.
Put the mould with the hard wax in water.
Remove the candle from the mould and IT IS READY!