Monday, October 4, 2010

Making A 'Chunks Candle'!!

Come people, let me tell you how we make a 'chunks candle'!
To make a candle we need:

Candle Thread (wick)
Wax colours
Steel Plates
Tins (empty food tins)


Heat the wax well in a steel tin until it gets melted and changes into liquid.
Oil the steel plates.
Mix the wax colours (the ones you want your chunks to be in) in oil and mix it to the molten wax.stir well till u get the desired colour.
Pour the coloured wax into the oiled plates.
Wait for the coloured wax to get hard and then cut the hard colored wax wih a cutter in any shape you want.
Oil the candle mould.
Pass the candle thread through the hole of the mould and cover it with clay to fill in the gap, if any.
Turn the mould upside down and fill the mould with the coloured chunks.
Pour the plain white wax into the mould.
Wait for it to get hard.
Put the mould with the hard wax in water.
Remove the candle from the mould and IT IS READY!


  1. hmm that's very good .. I would like to have pink and blue candles for my trousseau please *places order*

  2. thanx hiba n nida...
    @annie get me the things...i ll make u some =P

  3. Wow! Good speed! Sara i just said that we are waiting for frequent blog postings but it doesn't mean that you should take serious :P (lol just kidding)

    Nice Work and i ll place my order in bluish shade, you can switch the tone in light and dark, i like elegant candles, and please packing should be nice :P i don't like unwrapped order deliveries :P

    Good work, and finally you can count you in blogger community :)

  4. thanx sheza n mehvish
    @nvdo lol...i jstried writing smthing sensible this i thot abt doing it again =P...NO SIR...we dun take orders...and an order like THIS one...NOT AT ALL =P

  5. :) good job!!!so u have started blogging of luck :)

  6. After reading your blog i prefer to buy candle :P

  7. thanx madi
    @shahid *ignores the comment*

  8. lol ... how can you ignores the truth :P

  9. making a candle is not as cheap/easy as it sounds...u wouldnt hv been able to do it anyway...quite a wise decision i must say!

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