Monday, April 11, 2011

Pakistan Beyond Politics

So, news of the day is MQM enters Punjab. Majority of the people in Punjab despise the party and according to the social media; it was not welcomed in the province. Got to see many virtual fights, today, between the party supporters and the non-supporters which ended up in racist comments, abusing, swearing and what not.

MQM, no doubt, is the largest party with the heaviest mandate in Sindh but the fact is, apparently no matter what they do it will be hard for Punjabis to support them. Altaf Hussain and his policies are clearly not liked by the people in Punjab and it will be hard for him to get a decent place in the region. One thing that needs to be appreciated by the party is that they were allowed, by the government of Punjab, to stand in the province and gather these many people peacefully. When the fact is no other leader is allowed to go to the areas ruled by the MQM if they do not allow them. Like we saw what happened on 12th may some years back. Same is the case with Imran Khan; not allowed to go to Sindh. MQM supports democracy but government of Punjab demonstrated the real democracy, today.

And now, keeping all the politics aside, what we all saw was the ultimate disunity among the people of the country. Other party supporters bashing MQM supporters like anything and vice versa. Why do we forget that country is beyond politics? People went from abusing to swearing at each other just to protect their political views. Have we forgotten what happened in 1971? Do we really need separate countries just because we speak different languages or live in different regions of the country?

Country is facing many problems. Apparently no other industry other than the telecom industry is flourishing in Pakistan. It’s time that we all forget the political differences all over and get one. This is the time that we burn all the political party flags and be one. If we want to get rid of these political goons; we need to stop going for the better in the lot. We all know all politicians are corrupt and Pakistan can only become a better country if we will be united and will only work for the betterment of the country.

Unity is what we need at the moment. If we have unity, we can achieve all. Forget who is Punjabi, Sindhi, Balochi, Pathan; just work for the country. We can do it. We did it some days back when Pakistan was playing the cricket worldcup. When the people got out of their houses, it was under one green flag. If we can do it for sports; why not for other issues.

P.S. The political facts stated above are my personal observations (mostly from social media) and are NOT based on real statistics.

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  1. tsk tsk tsk ... we hate you Altaf Hussain... you think you can come into our land and steal our milk and honey...well guess what WE WONT LET there

  2. First of all I would like to congratulate over Political Post. We must discourage is fashion of bashing politics, as if its nothing related to us or should be concerning to us. This makes other less competent people to rule us.

    Having said that, most of the observations regarding are true, they have to show some sort of statesmanship if they want to be a National party on any account.

    But we must not push them to wall by declaring them racist party, I appreciate their effort that despite having gloomy past, they are now trying to be part of national fabric.

    Overall, Thumbs up lady :)

  3. we must get rid of bashing politics

  4. Good and positive thoughts on a political issue but should have gone more in depth with it.

  5. kaha sunna maaf....itna bhi bahut hai challey ga...nice
    para 4 line 3 :all over and get one. doesn't sound right...:((

  6. thank you all for reading the post =)

  7. chalo good attempt! Keep trying!