Thursday, November 25, 2010

Excuse Me Teacher! Do you deserve to be one?

My mind and ears refuse to believe it when my parents tell me how their teachers helped them be what they are today. That’s quite a weird statement coming from a teachers’ kid but, honestly, I haven’t ever met a teacher who had a potential to do it. Many of the people I know choose to become teachers not because they want to be, they do it because they are mostly left with nothing else to do.

Maybe I am writing this post because I never was the favorite student of my teachers. And the truth is I always was a pathetic student. Hardly used to pass my exams, no homework, never concentrated on what teachers used to say, the only thing I used to do in school was talking and was the naughtiest girl of the class in my school. The parents-teacher meeting used to be a total embarrassment for my parents. The only good thing I remember teachers used to say to my parents was ‘she has the potential to do it but she doesn’t do it’ or ‘she is one of the most intelligent girls of the class’. So, now if I come to think of it, my teachers knew me but they still didn’t know how to handle me. I always used to wonder why am I not the favorite one. The girl who scores the highest is the teachers’ favorite, is it because she scores this much or she scores this much as a reward of being the favorite?

The questions that popup in my mind: Aren’t the teachers supposed to treat all of them equally? Should they really make one or two students their favorites? Why aren’t they all equal? Don’t the weak ones need more attention than the ones who top the class already? Can't a little more attention towards the weak ones make them better? Doesn’t their behavior affect the kids? Isn’t it the teachers who are supposed to make out of kids whatever they want?

I have this firm belief that a teacher can either make or break a kid. Unfortunately, I didn’t ever get to meet the making ones. Not talking about my personal experience only, but generally, I see a lot of teachers around me who make me wonder. Teachers mostly these days are the ones who are not really passionate about teaching, they go for it either because they are undereducated, in the sense that they don’t have any professional degree, or are the ones who are left with nothing else to do, like many girls these days do it after their high school or graduation when they get no other job. Even I tried to try my hands on it, not so seriously though, still guilty about it.

So, at the end, a request to all the teachers (especially the ones who teach primary and early secondary)…PLEASE. Stop BREAKING the kids now if you cant make them. They are always left with a negative impact. You are the ones who are supposed to give them confidence, compliment them and most of all MAKE them what they are born to be. Stop ruining them, if you have any problems and regrets in your life, strictly don’t affect the little minds with the venom in you. The future is in your hands; don’t spoil it.


  1. Back to the days when our fathers used to study in their primaries.....parents handover their children to teachers saying :

    " Iska gosht apka aur haddiyan hamari "

    Insane but this tells how the days back were !!

  2. SARAAAAA !!!! let me come and bombard you NOW :P --- what a blog !!!! u r right. sincere education lovers r rare to find.. But i really wish, i could be a really good teacher, just to remain as a refreshing and motivating memory in the hearts of my students :) ... and there s nothing more sweet in my life, when any of my students responds to me with their loving & kind words... It seems that i have really lived a purposeful life.

  3. Well said.

    By the way, Sara, after reading this, I'm feeling better about my decision to quit teaching last year. :P

  4. Rightly said,
    Quoting Pink Floyd's Another Brick in the Wall,
    "We don't need no education
    We don't need no thought control
    No dark sarcasm in the classroom
    Teacher leave them kids alone
    Hey teacher leave them kids alone
    All in all you're just another brick in the wall"
    And I agree with lost_scotama...leaving teaching was a good decision for me too...but I will always remember my good teachers who helped shape my life for the better...

  5. This is most important thing and still its ignored in the Educational System of Pakistan. Unfortunately due to lack of jobs when any candidate couldn't find his dream job, he started his career with Teaching. Rather than Teacher's didn't focus on the creativity of child's they want a child like ratta machine.

    You blog post reminds me one thing, (i was also an average student) When i was doing matriculation i was surprised why we are doing Algebra, and logarithmic. Once i asked from my teacher, why are we reading this stuff, and he answered me "Pass hona k naii".

    Teachers should be updated with information and at-least they can guide the students in a better way.

    Education is just not about the gain of Degree, its no use if you can't survive in the market.

    "Education is a lifelong Endeavorer which guides the people throughout their life".

    Thoughtful post :)

  6. I had the same feeling, wasn't the best but still tried my level best to impress the teacher who would treat us like crap! Nothing pleased her! Nothing - nothing at all!
    After we graduated, and all, I walked into the my horror I found myself behaving just like her! I pondered over, realized she wasn't wrong. Her attitude was a compelling force to our good grades and contributed to the way we turned out to be.
    I do have students, very non-serious attitudes, and of course, no teacher likes such attitude in the class. True, all students have the right to be treated equal and well. But lets not forget that you need to earn that level. You need to follow what you are told, if you seek good treatment. A teacher can try, try her level best, but if she still doesn't get the expected feedback - or lets say, negative feedback...then sweety, you are in for a surprise!

    Apologize on behalf of all the teachers. Wish you had a different view :)
    I, sincerely, wish I leave a good impression on my students!

  7. thanxx all =)
    @omair those teachers still used to leave a positive impact on the students..
    @rumaisa offense =P...thts good if u left a good impact on thm..BRVAO =)
    @shakti...good decision..really appreciate tht =D
    @sana n naveed i agree
    @anniw wt i meant to say ws they do bad to the ones who are bad already..dont u think if u b good to thm, they cn chnage too??

  8. That is what I said, there is a limit to how much a teacher can out up with - don't forget that she is not only delivering a lecture but has a whole new responsibility!
    Some students, should alter their behavior, too :)

  9. @annie yeah...if a teacher is doing his/her best..then it all good..but the thing is..IF they do =)

  10. :) Practice is surely making u perfect sara! the post is really awesome & cent percent true..
    In my view there are Good teachers in the world (atleast thts wht Ive heard) but I never ever was blessed with one :P
    Above all wht I think is the "Lack of patience & acceptance" in them makes them a warrior more than a teacher..
    With all due respect to all teachers, I am totally of the view of ur post!

  11. thanxxx thanx madii =)...and i totallyyy agree to wt u said..

  12. There is no generalization in life. I have studied in Government Schools with typical Desi Teachers & White Shalwar Kameez as uniform, but I still remember my teachers who have taught me. Their impact on life can be felt.

    We can question quality of education, intellectual ability of those blah blah but still they are the part of what we are with all the circumstance given to them as well.

    Even with all the imperfection & miseries around most of us are successful human beings, that reflects the contribution we had form people around us.

  13. this is @obaidx's( on twitter) comment who couldnt post it from the mobile so emailed me n asked to post it here :
    Although I don't necessarily agree with the idea, I like the organized flow of your thoughts in this post. If I may say so, I loved my teachers. I mean I hated some of them for some particular reasons, but all the 'flavors' they represented of life, taught me a lot. I even found mentors without much effort. I was the student who was interactive in class, paid attention and participated, always had the front-bench, but never touched books at home. I was the type of student who loved reading to the class, and especially reciting poetry, and who loved to take over from the teacher whenever a chance came up. I won't be talking about things in general, but I'd speak about my experience. I don't think they award points to their favorite students (yes, not generally, at least), but (here's a different angle) the students who get better marks automatically capture their attention. If you grew flowers, which one would you be proud of, the blossoming one, or the wilting one? Better scoring kids show them that they're not bad at what they do, and the least scoring make them feel bad about themselves. But I agree, the wilting flowers need special care, even if they don't make you feel proud. And time needs to be spent with the kids that most need it, the low-scorers, but do those kids really want that, and would they really cooperate? Kids are kids, but of course, a teacher can only keep trying. Imagine yourself trying day after day after day, and get only a percentage of them to actually make you feel proud of yourself. It's a tough life overall. However, I agree, we need more mentoring, and less tutoring. Good post, madam! Keep writing.

  14. well, i agree to that point that some teachers are negligent. but it varies from person to person. I'm a teacher. i even quit my work for my student's sake. and it's not that m just teaching them the course material. i also teach them ethics, discipline and about Islam too. they all love me a lot and that's because m sincere with my work.
    but as a matter of fact, things, circumstances and people too have changed now. the teacher i had got in past were really helpful and worked a lot on us. this thing is missing today..

  15. I was a naughty student. But also, a good student. Still, I got into trouble. You know, with the sariyal teachers who like no fun. I have a very small experience of teaching but I totally agree that the people who come into teaching just because they have nothing else to do, ruin it. We had a few workshops and what I found most interesting was:
    a) if a child constantly misbehaves in class, there might be a reason at home for it.
    b) teacher is a leader, a teacher should be polite but should not beg and run after the students.
    c)naughty kids get bored in class, a teacher can always find ways to make the lesson interesting
    the good students in my class sometimes would get bored when I'd be working with my weaker ones, but I always asked them to be patient and would not move forward unless the whole class was with me. Sometimes no matter what u do, some students will not make progress. I can't waste whole lesson time on them but from time to time, I'd go to them and speak to them. Ask them what they find difficult. That's the least I could do for them. After all, education is their responsibility. We teachers can only show them the path. They have to walk it themselves.

  16. @obaidx thanx for ur blog-ish comment =P...and i sort of agree n disgree to wt u said..i still say those who are weak need more attention..n all of thm cn b chnged if a they try putting in a lil more effort..i could atleast =D

  17. @waqas i agree with wt u the fact is...teachers do it all...good to the good ones..bad to to the bad ones...and yeahh..i blv there must b sm teachers out there...but unfortunately..i NEVER got a teacher like tht..the world taught me..teachers hardly did =)

  18. @emaan i totally agree to wt u said...they were there we hardly get to find thm now..
    @sheza i totally agree...its the teachers' responsibilty to undrstand thm..they shd put in their efforts...usk baad..agr kids dun do it thn whn atleast teachers' have done their part..they shd not worry abt the students' one

  19. Just because u got good grades doesn't qualifies you to be a teacher...and this is the dilemma of education system. When an individual with 16 yrs of education doesn't get a job of 10k but with the same education he gets 15k from private school plus with part time tuition center or private center gives him around 10k, he would definitely opt for teaching.

    Gone are the days when teacher was an inspirational source for their student. Now many scandal were seen when teacher harass their students particularly girls. An incident was seen when Punjab University Lahore teacher abuses a female junior teacher who was also his student. I will share a link if i manage to find:P, where a teacher is dating with her student :)

    Anyways, you wrote it brilliantly and cover a reality...keep up the good work (Y)

  20. @anonymous thanx alott =) ....true that...thts wt i meant to say...theres no more a "teachers' category" moral character..nothing...the ones who teach are the ones who need to be taught first...we hv got nthing to do wth wt USED to happen..the point is..wt is happening NOW...and wtever it is..its ruining the young generation whch is the true future

  21. *.the ones who teach are the ones who need to be taught first.*

    There is a teacher training course called CT, BEd etc in government sector. But the quality of training and teaching is worst out there. Thing is you have to put real and true educators in education department instead of *parchi* :)

  22. true that..and this is nt the case JUST in happens eveywhere..i studied in UAE

  23. This is a very wide topic and one can keep on discussing it for hours. There are a number of reasons why this is happening and why people who really are good at teaching, are not coming to this field. If a person who can't find any job anywhere starts teaching, you can imagine the level of motivation that "teacher" maintains. I don't know what is the criteria for selecting "teachers" who are not motivated themselves.

  24. @shoaib true the fact is..there SHOULD be some criteria...some scale to measure their abilities and inabilities...they r just ruining kids..well..most of them are!

  25. being a part time no professional teacher myself, i think those students who do good are to be praised because that boosts them to do better the next time around, and about the bad students, it isn't the same so that they feel ashamed to not be one's to top the class.

    But you're right, teachers today don't teach for making a kid or something like that, they do this to earn something, but there are still some teachers who take teaching to be their passion and those are the one's really making a kid, successful in life.

  26. @faizan u r 18 if um nt wrong..dont u think u urslf need to b taught before u teach..??its nt jst the curriculum a teacher is responsible for...there r many other things whn it comes to teaching..these days..a 9th grader strts teaching the lower classes n calles himslf a teacher..and abt the reason to favoritism u said..thts just too unfair to kids....those who r good already need a boast and the ones who are bad are discouraged..dont the bad ones need a boast :S

  27. i have been a teacher for four years, and i was a teacher by choice. i always tried to not to be like the teachers used to be with me. i have a strange case as for few teachers i was their favorite one and for few i was a arrogant kid who some time bounce general knowledge more then the necessary.
    i have never been good in maths all thanks to my teacher in class 5th who said the golden worlds; "tymhary bas ka rog nahi hy maths, pata nahi yeh ulu first kese aa jata hy". i dropped to position of 7th that year. yes teachers can make or break you. but i still respect all those teachers that i have in my life may be the few students i have likes me for the same reason. btw i am still very scared of that teacher of mine when ever i see you like in markets, passing by the school etc i change my way kya pata kab dant parh jaay. :P

  28. @azlan hmm...see how it affected u..and u were a position still did...those who are bad overall already...whn they get to hear constantly how bad they do they feel..n teachers or no teachers...everbdy has been a student...they all SHOULD know that NOBODY...NO KID likes to fail..or score bad...there always is a problem behind it...can try getting to the root of the problem instead of trying to prove it constantly infront of the class how bad he is..he already knows tht...try teaching him wt he doesnt sure tht shouting at a kid takes more time and energy than teaching him wt hes bad at

  29. @Sara jee: well u're right, the bad students should be given a boost, in fact more than the good one's, but the good one's should not be discourages as well.

  30. @faizan i never said good students should be discouraged..they shd b encouraged too but why discourage the bad ones to encourage them..u dun have to label the bad things to highlight the good ones..good ones show up thmslves..its just tht the bad ones need to be polished so tht they can shine too

  31. very very good blog true.. i so feel the same these days.. just the other day our principal came to class to discuss why 70% of the class had failed chem n was literally naming the top students n asking them n was saying "only those who prepared answer me" n he had already handed us our tests saying to those who got bad marks that u dint prepare=/

    but yes i was lucky enough to have lots of teachers in my early schooling days who actually made me better in so many ways

  32. happens...happened the same wth me whn i strted studying n scoring good in my college in all but was the naughty one...teachers were a bit more stereotypical abt me tht i cnt do any good...thanxxx alot btw=)


  34. 'she has the potential to do it but she doesn’t do it’ That's one statement teachers say for all the kids they don't have anything nice to say about. ;p Lol!

    I'd be interested to know what you think now when you are a teacher yourself. :)