Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Let us all close our eyes for one good minute and think about the places wherever we are in PAKISTAN without all this corruption, security risks, bad leaders, pollution, and electricity water gas issues. Think about your place without all these problems. Just give it a thought you at your own city, village, town etc. without all the problems you are facing rite now.are'nt you at the best place you could be.Is'nt it like heaven on earth? I am sure it is. It sure is.

Now when we say 'Wake Up PAKISTAN' we don’t really mean that we all people in PAKISTAN have to wake up early in the morning. It means we have to wake up like once we did against our enemies. Like Allama Iqbal wanted us to wake up and realize what we are doing and where we are going. Wake up means we have to bring PAKISTAN to the position Quaid e Azam wanted it to be. We have to love our country and own it. We all know that there are problems in every country. We too do have issues. We have a lot of problems that we have to solve. The youth of PAKISTAN has to solve them all. As above mentioned there are plenty of problems in PAKISTAN. We all know there are. But let it be known too that we are the only ones who can solve them all. We can't really sit and wait for the foreign powers to come and solve our problems. Its WE who have to do that. It’s been quite a long time that we have been waiting for some foreign help. But trust me we are the ones who can fix these things up. Our country MASHALLAH is blessed with unlimited natural resources. People of our country are no less talented than other country’s people. We have got it all except for the efforts we need.

It is very commonly said that what if one person stands up n starts doing what is required. All other millions of people are not doing what is required. If this is what you think than I am sorry to say you are wrong. We all want our country to flourish. We all want to do well for our country but we always think what can one person do. Trust me people. One person can do a lot. Allama Iqbal and Quaid e Azam and other great personalities were also one when they started. It’s just about a simple thought. Its ready to rain. We just need the first drop. And I am sure its YOU.

If you think it’s a corrupt society. You end it up. You be the first one to kill the corruption. You think there are no rules and regulations in the country I tell you there are. It’s just that we need to follow them. Let it be you to be the first one to start following them. If u think there is pollution. Let it be you to be the first one to end it. And most of all. If you think there are bad leaders in PAKISTAN. Let it be you to remove them. Vote for the good ones. Or if you think there’s nobody good in there. Let it be you. You step up and be the one. Start with the real work. Not just promises. People will follow you and then you will be the one who will change the country.

Its time that we stand up like one nation join hands and work hard for the betterment of the country. Running away and taking some temporary refuge in some other country will not help. Its time that we all come together as one and fight all the problems we are facing and we have to end them all. End up the differences between Punjabis, Sindhi, pathans and balochis.we all have to be one and work for the country. We have to make it the real PAKISTAN (the pure land) what Allama Iqbal dreamt of n what Quaid e Azam struggled for. Its time that we all wake up. Wakeup for a better present n the best future. Wake Up PAKISTAN!

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  1. there is no doubt that we have to wake up again because the time we have spent like a sleeping rabbit, like a scared ostrich, or a pigeon the giant of issues and problems grew like anything.
    today this giant looks like un-defeatable but still it is time to start standing against it. because if we spent more time in ignorance it will grew more.