Friday, December 7, 2012


Getting the right sort of education is a basic right, but unfortunately, many of us living in the same country are deprived of this fundamental right. Seeing a child playing in the street or working at a workshop or some house, at the school timings, because his/her parents cannot bear the school expenses sure is a heart breaking scene. We get to see many kids around who are very much willing to study but they cannot pay the regular fee of their educational institute. The children of our housemaids, drivers, cooks, etc. either work with them to share the burden of the expenses or they simply stay back home doing nothing. 
Many of us write the blogs and articles about the issues but not many steps forward to help them. We do realize that education is important and every kid must get educated, but when it comes to helping those children in a real sense, we don’t do much. We, a little group of friend, have thought about a plan to finance these children who cannot afford to go to school. Our initial plan is to finance the kids from primary (KG-Matric) to graduate level (BA/BSC). The fee estimate according to our estimate does not exceed from Rs. 500 to Rs. 1500 per month. This amount is not much for many of us and we definitely can manage to give away around Rs. 1500 from our monthly budget. 
This project is strictly for the education of the deserving children. We will make sure that the money goes in the right hand and is spent at the right place. For that, we will ask the parents to give us a regular academic report and that will be given to the donors. We will try our best to make sure that the kids study and the money is spent on their education only. 
This is just a baby project which we started a few days back and we are sponsoring about fifteen children already. This is all because of our worthy donors’ help. But, ten is not that big a number, we need more children who need to be educated. For that, we need your help. Let us know of any child around you, for e.g. your servants’ kids or anybody, who you think is the deserving one and we will try our best to pay his school fees. 
Plus, we need more donations for the project. As I mentioned up there, we need about Rs. 500-1500/month to educate one kid. If you decide to start sponsoring a child, you have to be very much regular in giving us the money so that the education of the child doesn’t get discontinued once we put him to school. The session starts in March so we have to make sure that the donations get collected before that and the deserving children go to school at the right time. 
Donate as much as you can so that more and more children get educated. These children are the future of the country. Educating these children means securing our future. We can always save some money by skipping a meal at some luxurious restaurant and spend that money in educating at least one child who cannot afford it. Help in any way you can. Bring us the deserving kids; help us monetarily or just spread the word around. Help us in any way you can. ‘Education for all’ is our slogan and that’s what we mean by this. You don’t have to be of a particular class to get the right sort of education; anybody and everybody deserves to get educated. 

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  1. when there is a will there is a way ... IA things will tke shape thmselvesn gud luck with te project

  2. That's Nice .. I do work purepakistani which's also on fb .. We doing same stuff .. in KArachi Gulshan Near Al-Mustufa where we gave Education Child labor kids, we already send some kids in regular school .. if you do this nice work I appreciate you , if it's possible so work with collaboration ? if yes so do reply ..

    1. Any way I can personally contact you and discuss teh details?

  3. Sara,

    All the best for this noble cause. Education is the first step to progress of any society or nation. If we do our bit just to let children of our household help get educated, it will go a long way.

    Take care