Monday, January 3, 2011

Chocolate Mousse


Milk: 1 liter

Corn flour: 3-4 tbsp.

Milk powder: 10-12 tbsp.

Coco powder: 2-2 ½ tbsp.

Sugar: according to taste

Rainbow milk (evaporated milk used in tea): 1 small tin

Swiss cake roll (preferably chocolate): 2 large packs

Flake chocolate: 3-4

Chocolate syrup: depends on how much you like

Cream: 1 tin/pack

How to make it:

Heat milk in a pan and add sugar in it.

Mix coco powder and corn flour in water (make a thick paste)

Mix milk powder in rainbow milk. Put some water if it remains thick. (Make a thick paste)

Put the 1st mixture in milk and keep stirring while pouring in the mixture.

Put the 2nd mixture in milk and keep stirring so that it doesn’t settle down in the pan.

Keep the heat low and keep stirring gently so that the mixture gets thick.

Stop stirring when the mixture gets thick.

Allow it to cool down for 10-15 minutes.

Cut the Swiss roll in small slices.

Spread the layer of Swiss roll in a bowl.

Put chocolate syrup on the layer.

Pour the mixture in the bowl.

Put it in the freezer to settle down for 10-15 minutes.

Spread a layer of cream and chocolate syrup, mix both of them.

Crush flakes chocolate and spread it on top.


  1. where is the picture?

  2. is that caramel on the sides?if yes then yummmmm if no then WAT IS IT?! :P i so wanna make this but t0o many ingredients, no one will get me all that :p

  3. it is chocolate syrup n cream =P..i told u how u cn get it easy...go for it =D

  4. God i wish i could dip in a spoong through the screen and eat taste it:p i cant make it at least today:(

  5. awwww...i wish i could pass it on to u through the screen (nt really though =P)...isme normal sb cake ka he to hai...aik do he alag cheezein hein...

  6. CHOCOLATE!! *drools all over your mousse* Oh wait, that was my screen. :/

  7. awwww....recipe given above...u can always make it =P